1. Mythology Research

    Researching myths, absorbing knowledge from books and research papers. Creating an internal wiki for easy access.

  2. Initial Gameplay and Mechanics Design

    Defining the game's secret recipe: core mechanics, gameplay loop, and story.

  3. Proof of Concept

    Developing a functional prototype using our engine of choice (Unity) to test core gameplay. Laying the core architectural foundation.

  4. Pre-Production

    Experimenting with art and animation styles while finalizing the game design document and narrative.

  5. Community Building

    Establishing our presence on key social platforms. Setting up early feedback loops to ensure that people who want to support us are heard.

  6. ¬ Artistic Prototype

    Bringing in the art! We're mixing in visuals and designs to show everyone – our team and our supporters – a sneak peek of the game's final look and vibe.

  7. ¬ Vertical Slice

    Crafting the initial 10% of the journey as the gold standard for the rest – a sneak peek for you and a guide for us!

  8. ¬ Production

    It's time to roll up our sleeves and dive deep. Embracing the dip, tackling that crucial 20% of the 80/20 rule that brings our game to life.

  9. ¬ Alpha & Beta Testing

    Hitting platforms like and kicking off both closed and open betas. Let's squash those pesky bugs and smooth out those 'whoops' moments that we totally never have!

  10. ¬ Early Access

    Time to dive deep and really test the waters. We're hunting for those long-term gameplay imbalances and fine-tuning the balance system our AI helped craft.

  11. ¬ Release

    Thank you! Now, let's enjoy and expand the world we've created!