What is Demigod?
Demigod is a 2D roguelike deck-building game about a journey full of exploration. Here, you'll encounter mythical creatures from stories that are new to many. It's a journey of strategy and choices, where each fall is a chance to rise stronger than before.
What makes Demigod different from others?
Nothing and everything at the same time. Fewer filler cards, more strategy and synergy. Emphasis on RPG elements, exploration, and progression. Unique aesthetics and captivating characters.
Who is behind Demigod?
Demigod is being created by a two-person in-house team + contractors. You can read more in our introduction post.
What languages will the game be released in?
Initially in Georgian and English.
What platforms will Demigod be available on?
Demigod will launch on Windows/MacOS (Steam), Android (Play Store), and iOS (App Store). We're also considering expanding to PlayStation / Nintendo later on. Our focus is on creating a seamless cross-platform experience, meaning you can switch between devices easily and pick up right where you left off.
Will there be a multiplayer?
Initially, no. However, the game is designed with co-op in mind. Players may decide to team up with captivating NPC characters. We plan to expand this into a multiplayer co-op experience in the future.
How does the deck-building mechanic work in Demigod?
In Demigod, deck building is all about freedom of choice and creativity. Players can discover various abilities represented as cards and mix them into their deck for adventures. Your imagination sets the boundaries. Do you want to be a healer and a warrior simultaneously? Or perhaps a magician, a ranger, or all of them combined? It's all possible.
What stage of development is Demigod currently in?
We're preparing to get active on social channels; the creation process will become public and transparent. We are building an artistic prototype, and you will get updates on it as we move forward. We even have the whole roadmap defined - check it out!
How can i participate?
First of all, follow our devblog for updates on everything from general news and art to gameplay and tech. We value your honest opinions, expert advice, and your cheers on tough days. Engage with us on your preferred social channels. Knowing there are people excited to play Demigod when it's released means the world to our team.

Think you can help the development process? Reach out, be it for expert advice or something else. Why not?
How can I stay updated on development process?
Follow us on social channels, visit our devblog from time to time or subscribe to our mailing list from the website. Don't see your favorite social platform, or think there's one we should be on? Let us know!
Whom should I contact for press inquiries or collaborations?
For any press inquiries or collaboration opportunities, please use the email contact information provided on our website. We check our emails regularly and look forward to hearing from you!